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TH - Imai Chisuzu by cutiepiehotstuff TH - Imai Chisuzu by cutiepiehotstuff
I found this lovely group about a year ago and have been patiently waiting for my chance, so here I go! *Fingers crossed*

Name: Imai Chisuzu 
Nickname: Chi

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 15
Grade: First

Dormitory: Sakuramachi 
Club: Tennis

  • HUGS
  • Animals (And nature in general)
  • Making friends
  • Her Family
  • Bird watching
  • Tennis
  • Eating delicious food
  • Feeling unwanted
  • Disappointing others
  • Persons who hurt/kill animals


Chisuzu is a very cheerful an active girl. She tries to appreciate everything that life gives to her (Even the crappy stuff). Being a low middle class person at one point Chisuzu has gotten the chance to appreciate the little things in life. She knows the value of a dollar and despite having more money than any girl her age could ever need she tends to pace herself in her spending and never spends money irresponsibly. She loves everything that is nature from: animals to plants to various natural landscapes. This, of course, also includes humans. She enjoys the company of others and always tries to find at least one good thing in everyone(However, this is easier said than done). Most of all she likes to feel needed. She loves to be given the chance to be depended on by people and will always try her best for them.  However, she has a constant fear of letting down those who are dear to  her...especially her parents.  


Chisuzu was the first born of a Botanist Father and a Veterinarian Mother. Despite being in a tough situation when they were still struggling to get themselves in a decent financial state, the two happily greeted Chisuzu into the world. The first five years of Chisuzu's life was far from smooth as her family would constantly move due to her parent's inability to get jobs. Seeing as they were never able to settle in one place too long Chisuzu never went to Kindergarten and was instead home schooled by her Mother. It was a difficult time for them. However, Chisuzu's parents never once showed her any signs of weakness and would instead devote themselves to making sure that she was always happy. Although, the constant moving was confusing for her at such a young age Chisuzu never once felt burdened by it, neither did she feel upset that she never got the chance to go to Kindergarten and make friends like any other normal kid. Thanks to her parent's efforts Chisuzu was able to enjoy the time she spent moving around and she also loved the time she spent with her parents.  

It was around the year that Chisuzu turned six that her parents were finally able to find work and settle down. This was also the year that Chisuzu became a big sister to her "adorable" little brother, Aki. Chisuzu was overjoyed to be a big sister and would help her parents babysit him whenever possible. Chisuzu's first year of elementary school was a disappointment for her considering that she had never gone to school before and understood nothing on how friendships/relationships worked. As a result, she spent most of her time in the back of the class trying to catch up. It wasn't until her second year of elementary that she started to make some friends especially when she picked up Tennis as an after school club and ended up becoming the ace of the team.    

By Middle school, Chisuzu had become considerably popular. She was the Tennis team's star athlete and was know around school as "That girl who always brings stray animals to school". Being from such a nature enthusiast house it was no surprise that Chisuzu had a passion for the outdoors and all things natural. She would often bring stray animals to school that she had found on her way there.(To the horror of the teachers). She would often take them home to her Mom for a check up then start her own personal adoption project for them. It even came to the point where the neighbors were no longer surprised when they found dozens of homeless animal flyers around the neighborhood. However, if it was a question as to what Chisuzu was most famous for it would definitely be her hugs. No matter what: rain, wind, hail, lighting, snow Chisuzu was there and willing to give a hug. Even if it was totally out of context, Chisuzu would find some way to incorporate a hug. Not that anyone minded, but it was something to be weary of for no one could predict or stop Chisuzu when a hug was in progress. Chisuzu would then often say "Aren't hugs amazing!? Hugs are like the most human things ever. I feel like hugs are the best way to tell someone you are there, not that you must be recognized but...that you are there."

It was when Chisuzu was 13 that her whole lifestyle changed. During that time her Dad had discovered in his research a way to make fruits live longer even after being picked and still taste the same as the day you picked it. With this discovery her Dad had become a famous and established researcher with his own company and numerous subordinates, even going as far as winning a Noble peace price for his work. Chisuzu's family had a 360 degree turn as they had suddenly found themselves rich and were now living the life of luxury. For them it was a big change and was very difficult to deal with this sudden raise in popularity, but they were able to adjust. However, the biggest change to come about was Chisuzu's change in body size as her new life of luxury only served to fuel her already dangerous sweet tooth. She had soon learned to control her snacking habits though the damage was done and she had already gained a few pounds. Despite this, Chisuzu wasn't affected by her new look at all and instead embraced it saying "Now my hugs will be even squishier."

Chisuzu's decision to go to Tachikawa High came about as a result of her thoughtful resolve. It wasn't until her last year of Middle school that Chisuzu realized that now that her family was established with a company legacy it will befall her the responsibility of upholding such a status. Chisuzu was quite willing to work in her Dad's company has she too loves plants and is willing to do anything for the parents who took such good care of her. However, she could not shake this underlying feeling in her that she would only end up disappointing them. She realized the responsibilities that came with running a company and knew that a lot would be expected of her but this only further feed her anxiety. She would become so shaken that some nights she could not even sleep thinking about it. Knowing that nothing would come about with her just worrying she decided to start researching different elite high schools and stumbled onto Tachikawa High. She decided that she would make a new start there and try her best to become a responsible leader worthy of the Imai name....and her parents.

Additional Info:

- She is a Vegetarian. (Save the animals!)
- She LOVES hugs. (Watch out! She's a hugger!)
- She hopes to open an animal shelter in the future.
- She owns 4 dogs, 3 hamsters, 2 cats, some fishes and a cockatoo named Lucky.
- She likes to bird watch as a hobby. 
- Despite how she looks, she is an expert Tennis player. 

"Aren't hugs amazing!? Hugs are like the most human things ever. I feel like hugs are the best way to tell someone you are there, not that you must be recognized but...that you are there."
"Life is best lived with a smile on your face."

[None at the moment. :')]
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moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You know what I love about her the most? She's a little chubby!
I always wanted a chubby character, but couldn't draw one if my life depended on it!
And she's so cute too :heart:
cutiepiehotstuff Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww~ Thank you! Yes, I wanted to make a character who was more on the chubby side because I don't think we have enough of those. Plus, I mean, chubby is so cute. I love chubby people, they are so squishy and soft.  I'm so glad that my baby is loved. (>//v//<) Your comment made my day~:heart:
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, chubby is underrated! There should be more :D

Haha, nice to hear that :)
cutiepiehotstuff Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It totally is, and there should be! Soon, I'm sure the greatness of chubby shall be recognized soon~ ^^
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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